2018 Nursing Scholarship Recipient

We’re happy to announce that we have awarded a $1,000 nursing scholarship to a nursing student who is attending Linfield College and will graduate in May 2019 with her BSN.

We have created this scholarship to support nurses in Oregon who are working as a CNA, LPN, or ADN to expand their career options by earning a BSN. Nursing students can apply for this annual scholarship between March 1 and May 1, and we’ll give out the award in July.

About Our 2018 Nursing Scholarship Recipient
Our 2018 recipient is currently working as a CNA, and said is always “excited” for her shift. She has a “passion to help others heal.”

She works in a hospital setting, and particularly enjoys her work alongside ICU nurses, who are teaching her the “ins and outs” of acute care nursing.

She loves “earning the trust of elderly patients whose dementia causes them to be fearful of those around them and seeing patients through milestones in their recovery.”

Upon graduation from Linfield College, our nursing student 2018 scholarship recipient plans to immediately become involved in a critical care internship in a hospital in Oregon.  She dreams of  working in an emergency helicopter for a Life Flight company as an RN assisting families through traumatic events.

We’re pleased to present this nursing scholarship to such a worthy candidate, one who is sure to contribute to the nursing profession in critical care for years to come!

Click to learn more about the nursing scholarship that we’ll award in 2019.

Please make note: Kevin Keaney is an attorney who helps nurses defend their professional licenses. He earned his BSN and practiced as a nurse for four years before becoming an attorney. His law firm is in Portland, Oregon, and he helps nurses in Oregon, Washington, and Texas.