Contracts And Agreements

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The following are types of contracts and agreements that most often affect employees.

Severance Agreements
Whether you’re being fired or leaving the company or organization voluntarily, severance agreements can be complicated documents, with long-term ramifications. Severance agreements usually cover: severance payment, benefits, release of claims, and potential restrictions on future employment.

Non-Compete Agreements
Non-compete agreements typically limit your ability to perform certain types of work, within a limited geographic area, for a defined period of time. By signing a non-compete contract that’s overly restrictive, you could potentially be severely impacting your future job prospects, career possibilities, and earning potential.

Independent Contractor Agreements
Companies and organizations who prefer to hire independent contractors, rather than employees, will typically ask you to sign an independent contractor agreement. It is important to review these carefully, because an independent contractor agreement could include language about intellectual property, and you don’t want to casually give up your rights.

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