Pregnancy – Your Rights And Protections

During your pregnancy and after you give birth, you have rights that are protected under federal EEOC laws. To find out more, call for a free consultation, (503) 232-9280.

When you are pregnant, you have certain rights under federal EEOC laws – whether you’re applying for a job or are already employed.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) specifically prohibits discrimination against pregnant women in all aspects of employment, including:
• hiring, firing, and layoffs
• job assignments and promotion
• training

Accommodations For Pregnancy
Basically, pregnancy is considered a “temporary disability,” and if you’re temporarily unable to perform your job, your employer is then required to accommodate you with lighter duties, disability leave, or even unpaid leave – the same type of accommodations the company or organization would provide for employees who are temporarily disabled.

Protection Against Harassment While You’re Pregnant
When you’re pregnant, you’re also protected against workplace harassment – which could come from a supervisor, a co-worker, or a patient. Harassment is illegal if it creates a hostile work environment or adversely affects your work status (e.g. if you’re demoted or fired).

Time Off Under The Family Medical Leave Act
All new parents – including parents of foster children or adopted children – could be eligible for up to 12 weeks off, thanks to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This law applies equally to women and men who have worked for an employer for at least one year prior to taking the leave.

It’s important to make note that EEOC laws only apply to organizations that have 15 or more employees, as well as the majority of unions and employment agencies, and all of the federal agencies.

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