Severance Agreements For Nurses

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The split could be inevitable, and you might already know that you will soon be leaving your place of employment. But what about a severance agreement and/or a severance package? If the terms of your separation haven’t been decided yet, then you still have the opportunity to negotiate a fair settlement.

The majority of people don’t realize this, but most all severance agreements are, in fact, negotiable. And while you might be too shocked or too emotionally drained to try to negotiate your own, you do have a right to legal counsel. That counsel could be the difference between signing a severance agreement that unduly benefits your employer and signing one that compensates you for the time and energy you’ve  put into your job.

Severance agreement vary from employer to employer, and person to person, but typically include clauses pertaining to:
• severance payments
• severance benefits
• release of claims
• restrictive covenants
• non-disparagement
• references
• confidential and/or proprietary information
• cooperation provisions

Kevin Keaney is an experienced employment law attorney, who also practiced as a nurse for over six years. He can draft, review, or negotiate a severance agreement for you – helping to take the emotion out of what is often a painful process!

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Please note: In addition to providing legal services for severance agreements, we cover most aspects of employment law, including non-compete agreements.  We can also review your employment agreement with you, especially if you are currently in a dispute with your employer / past-employer.

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