Common Causes Of Discipline For Nurses

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Nursing is a heavily regulated and scrutinized profession, with licensure requirements, standards of care practices, and rigorous codes of ethics.

As a nurse, you’ll find yourself at risk for discipline not only from your employer (ranging from a warning to a firing), but also from your local state board of nursing.

Below are some common causes of discipline for nurses:
expired nursing license
• nursing malpractice and/or violations of the nursing practice standard of codes and ethics
substance abuse (addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or non-prescription drugs)
criminal arrests or convictions  (DUI, etc.)
violation of boundaries
failure to complete continuing education requirements
failure to pay licensure fees
dishonesty, lying, fraud, or deceit
• sexual misconduct

Depending on the severity of the violation in question, disciplinary sanctions for nurses can range from a letter of concern to termination and license revocation.

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