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License Reinstatement for Nurses

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If you have had your nursing license suspended or revoked, you have the right to petition the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) for license reinstatement.

Because the burden of proof will be on you (not on the board) to demonstrate that you’re competent and qualified to resume your regular nursing duties, it would be helpful to have an experienced nurse’s attorney at your side.

For information about the process of getting your nursing license reinstated, please call us at (503) 232-9280, or e-mail moc.y1544938124enrot1544938124tases1544938124run@t1544938124catno1544938124c1544938124.

Please make note: You’ll need to have your license reinstated if you let it expire. In order to renew your nursing license, you’ll need to pay a delinquent fee in addition to the customary renewal fee.  We can also help with license reactivation and issues involving voluntary license surrender.