Continuing Education For Nurses

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Continuing education requirements for nurses vary some from state to state and can be one of the requisites for obtaining and/or renewing a nursing license. Some states do not offer continuing education requirements for nurses, but Oregon has a one-time CE requirement, and Washington has an ongoing CE requirement.

Continuing Education Requirements For Nurses In Oregon
The Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) requires all RNs and LPNs to complete a one-time requirement of seven hours of pain management continuing education. One of the hours of CE has to be a course offered by the Oregon Pain Management Commission, while the other six hours can be fulfilled with other pain management courses. Once these seven hours of continuing education have been met, there are no requirements for CE in Oregon to renew their nursing licenses although additional CE can be beneficial in certain discussions with the board.

Continuing Education Requirements For Nurses In Washington
Beginning back in January 2014, the Washington Board of Nursing began requiring nurses to complete at least 45 hours of continuing nursing education every three years.

These CE requirements in Washington apply to RNs and LPNs and can include: classroom study, online courses, submission of professional articles, workshops and trainings, self-study, on the job learning, and correspondence courses. Beyond meeting basic requirements additional continuing education can help with the board.

For nurses, failure to meet continuing education requirements can result in disciplinary action from the state board of nursing. Other causes of discipline by the state nursing board include: expired nursing license, substance abuse, and criminal arrests or convictions.

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