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Traveling Nurses ~ Oregon and Washington

If you’d like to talk to a lawyer about your nursing license, give us a call for a free legal consultation, (503) 232-9280.

If you’re a traveling nurse who has practiced in Oregon or Washington and need help with a nursing license defense issue, we’d be happy to represent you!

If you’ve had an allegation filed with the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) or the Washington Nursing Commission (NCQAC), please contact us.

We help nurses with all aspects of the nursing license defense process, including:
allegation / complaint
nursing board investigation
settlement / discipline
administrative hearings

We’ve helped nurses with a variety of types of issues, ranging from expired nursing licenses to substance abuse, fraud and deceit to criminal arrest.

We represent all types of nurses, including: LPNs, RNs, APNs, nurse anesthetists, and nurse practitioners.

For more information about your legal rights as a traveling nurse, please call us at (503) 232-9280, or e-mail moc.y1503100282enrot1503100282tases1503100282run@t1503100282catno1503100282c1503100282.

Please make note: Kevin Keaney is an attorney in Portland, Oregon with 28 years experience. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he earned his BSN and practiced as a nurse for 6 years. He represents nurses in Oregon and Washington.