Falsification Of Documents And Nursing Licenses

Falsification of documents can severely impact your nursing license. Call (503) 232-9280 to schedule a free legal consultation with Kevin Keaney, an attorney with over 30 years of experience.

If you are practicing as a nurse, juggling the hundreds of tasks you are required to do on any given day, it’s understandable that you may forget to record something in a document. On occasion, you may even need to correct an omission with a late entry.

Errors happen every day. If, however, you deliberately omit information or falsify a record – before or after an investigation – you are exposing yourself to serious consequences.

Falsification of documents claims can involve:
•medical records
•patient care plans
•medication administration records
•patient treatment records
•wound sheets
•patients’ vital signs records

Falsification of documents ranges from “approximating” information to “early” documentation (writing something down on a chart before you’ve actually done it) to following the orders of a supervisor and putting down some inaccurate information.

Once it’s been proven that a document was falsified by a nurse, unfortunately, all documents from the nurse or the institution usually come into question and you may be contacted by an OSBN investigator.

If you’ve been accused of falsifying documents – by a patient, a co-worker, your employer, or the state board of nursing – you may have the need to hire an attorney. We offer a free legal consultation for nurses, during that time, we can discuss the details of your situation. Please call our office (503) 232-9280, or e-mail us at .

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