Sexual Misconduct By A Nurse

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Sexual misconduct by a nurse is a very serious allegation that can have far-reaching career impacts, including revocation or suspension of a nursing license.

Sexual misconduct can extend not only to patients, but also to former patients.

It’s important to note that not only what you do, but also what you say, can qualify as sexual misconduct.

In general, sexual misconduct includes:
• conduct with a patient that is sexual, or could be interpreted by the patient as sexual
• physical or verbal behavior that is sexual, seductive, or sexually demeaning to a patient
• sexual exploitation of a patient or former patient
• the use of influence, power, or special knowledge in order to obtain sexual gratification from a patient
• inappropriate sexual contact, exposure, gratification, or other sexual behavior with, or in the presence of a patient

Specific examples of sexual misconduct by a nurse include:
•not allowing a patient to dress or undress in privacy
•not providing a patient with a gown or draping
•using prolonged or improper examination techniques
•photographing or making a video of the body, or any body part of a patient, except for legitimate medical purposes
•showing a patient sexually explicit materials
•suggesting or talking about dating or a sexual or romantic relationship prior to the end of the professional relationship
•ending a professional relationship in order to date or pursue a sexual or romantic relationship
•asking for a date with a patient
•any gestures or behaviors that could be reasonably interpreted as seductive or sexual

If someone has accused you of sexual misconduct and/or filed a complaint with the OSBN (Oregon State Board of Nursing), WABON (Washington State Board of Nursing), or BON (Texas Board of Nursing), please contact our law office immediately. We can help you defend your nurse’s license.

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