Texas Board of Nursing (BON)

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The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) regulates the practice of nursing and approves nursing education programs. The purpose of the board is to protect people in Texas by making sure that nurses are competent to practice nursing.

The BON sets standards for nursing practice, investigates complaints filed against nurses, resolves those complaints, and (when appropriate) applies disciplinary sanctions.

At any time, anyone can file a complaint with the Texas Board of Nursing. These complaints can come from patients, family members, co-workers, employers, or anyone else who feels that a nurse has violated the Nursing Practice Act (NPA).

Throughout the entire BON investigation, the complaint information is kept confidential. Nurses will never know who filed the complaint, and in a typical year, the BON receives more than 16,000 complaints against nurses.

Common complaints against nurses include the following:

Once a complaint has been filed, a BON investigation team takes a look at the evidence to determine if there’s been a violation of the Nursing Practice Act. Disciplinary sanctions from the BON can include: warnings, fines, reprimands, remedial education, probation, license suspension, and license revocation.

If disciplinary action is taken against a nurse by the Texas Board of Nursing, the orders become public information and are published on the Texas BON’s website. In addition to impacting your ability to practice nursing in Texas, this could also affect your ability to practice in the 24 other states that participate in the Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC), as well as other U.S. states.

If you have been contacted by the Texas Board of Nursing, it’s important to understand that this is the start of a legal process which could ultimately impact your ability to practice nursing. We can help you defend your license and support you through the entire process including concerns regarding:

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