Administrative Hearing - Nursing Licenses

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If the nurse investigator assigned by the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) proposes disciplinary sanctions (for example a reprimand or license suspension or revocation) that you don’t agree with, you have the right to reject the settlement.

Once you have rejected the settlement offered to you, you’ll receive a “Notice” document from the OSBN. It’s very important to make note that this document can be seen by the person who filed the complaint, as well as by the general public, whereas all of the information gathered prior to this point is considered confidential.

The Notice outlines the proposed disciplinary sanctions against you and gives you a specific time frame (typically 20 days) in which you need to request an administrative hearing.

During the administrative hearing, you’ll go before an administrative law judge, who will then hear the facts of the case and issue a proposed decision to the state board of nursing. The board can elect to accept or reject the judge’s recommendation in making its final order.

Once the board has gone forward and issued its final order, your only recourse is to then take your case to the Oregon Court of Appeals, and ultimately to the Oregon Supreme Court, if need be.

Once a nursing license violation has reached the stage of an administrative hearing, for most nurses, it’s time to hire an attorney who has experience with courtroom and administrative hearings.

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