Letter of Concern for Nurses

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When someone files a complaint with the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN), the allegation automatically triggers an investigation by an OSBN investigator.

If the OSBN finds that a nursing violation has been committed, but that the violation was not egregious or the OSBN can’t prove the violation, it may issue a “letter of concern” to the nurse.

A letter of concern from the OSBN is not a disciplinary action, and therefore is not a matter of public record.

However, while it might seem like a letter of concern isn’t a big deal, it truly can cast a shadow on your nursing career. A letter of concern establishes a “history” with the OSBN.  If you were to get a second allegation filed against you, the OSBN might take the letter of concern into consideration when deciding on disciplinary sanctions.

Often, a letter of concern is the best result (in lieu of a reprimand or probation), but an even better outcome is an outright dismissal.

Letters of concern can be issued for many nursing violations, including:
•patient abandonment
•lying or falsifying documents
•expired nursing license
•failure to complete continuing education

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