Reprimand for Nurses

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As one of its disciplinary sanction options, the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) can issue a reprimand.

A reprimand from the nursing board is a formal, written notice that you’ve violated the Nurse Practice Act and standards of nursing. While a reprimand is never desirable, it can be the “negotiated” sanction – a lesser level of discipline than probation or license suspension.

A reprimand will not limit your employment or place restrictions on any of your duties.

That’s the encouraging news.  But if a reprimand isn’t the lesser of two sanctions, i.e., the result of a negotiated outcome, you may want to consider fighting it!  Nursing reprimands are known to have far-ranging consequences.

First, a reprimand from the state board becomes a matter of public record, and you’ll need to disclose it to all future employers and licensing boards. Second, because it’s on your record, if you have an additional complaint filed against you, the board of nursing will consider the reprimand as a part of your history.

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