Expired Nursing Licenses ~ Oregon

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In Oregon, every two years, you will be required to renew your nursing license. Failure to renew your nursing license, if you’re continuing to work as a nurse, can lead to serious career consequences.

You could receive a fine of up to $5,000, you could get fired from your job, and you may also open yourself up to nursing malpractice claims. In addition, you could receive disciplinary action from the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN). Disciplinary sanctions from the state board  of nursing can range from a reprimand to a suspension, or even a voluntary surrender or revocation of your nursing license.

To receive your nursing license in Oregon (RN or LPN licensure), you’ll need to graduate from an approved nursing program and also pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensing Examination). Or, you can receive an endorsement, if you hold a nursing license in another state.

To renew your nursing license, you’ll need to meet one of the following requirements:
•practice nursing for a minimum of 960 hours during the previous 5 years
•complete an approved nursing re-entry program within the previous 2 years
•graduate from a nursing program that’s approved by the OSBN within the previous five years

If you let your nursing license expire, you’ll then need to get it reinstated by the OSBN and pay late fees. If you don’t renew your license within 60 days of it expiring, you’ll need to get it reactivated, pay reactivation fees, and submit to a national criminal background check.

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