National Database Reporting For Nurses

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The National Nursing Database (NND) contains information on more than 5.8 million nurses in the United States. State boards of nursing enter licensure data into the NND, so anything that affects your Oregon, Washington, or Texas nursing license can potentially impact you, no matter which state you choose to work in.

Many professions are not highly monitored or regulated, but nursing is. Once your nursing license is issued, the nursing board has to protect the public’s health by overseeing you and ensuring that you’re practicing according to accepted nursing standards of care. The state board of nursing (OSBN in Oregon, WABON in Washington, and TBON in Texas) also has to investigate allegations, which can come from patients and their families, co-workers, employees, and state agencies. Anyone can file a complaint, for any reason, and a case has to be opened, even if the allegation has little or no merit.

Because of this national database, anything that becomes part of your record can follow you throughout your entire career. This makes it even more critical that you get the best resolution possible if someone files a complaint with the state board. Nothing should be taken lightly, not even a “minor” allegation.

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Please note: Prior to becoming an attorney, Kevin Keaney earned a BSN and practiced as a nurse for four years. Nurses attorney Kevin Keaney helps nurses in Texas, Oregon, and Washington defend their licenses.