Investigations - Nursing Licenses

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When someone files a complaint with the Oregon State Board of Nursing, about a nurse’s practice or conduct, a nurse investigator is then promptly assigned to the case.

According to state law, all information uncovered throughout the investigation is kept confidential, including the name of the person who filed the complaint.

The role of the OSBN nurse investigator is to:
• review documents, including the summary of the incident that’s been provided by the person filing the complaint
• interview the person filing the complaint, as well as co-workers, and/or employers of the nurse who’s the subject of the allegation
• review pertinent records (which could include patient records, personnel records, police records, or court records)

At this stage in the investigation, the complaint may be dismissed, for lack of evidence. But if the OSBN nurse investigator finds evidence of a nursing standard of care or ethics violation, the investigator will interview you by phone or in person.

At this point you might want an attorney at your side, representing you. This is especially true if you do not have nursing malpractice insurance.  Even if you’ve made mistakes, and there is some truth to the allegation, an experienced lawyer can help steady you, advise you on what’s right for you, and get you the best deal possible.

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