Discipline - Nursing Licenses

Having a lawyer by your side can help lessen the discipline by the state board of nursing. To find out how we can help, call (503) 232-9280 to schedule your free legal consultation.

Once a complaint has been made to the state board (OSBN), and the investigation has been completed, the OSBN nurse investigator will either dismiss the complaint completely or go forward to make a recommendation for disciplinary action.

Disciplinary sanctions can vary dramatically per case, depending on the severity of the violation(s), but these listed below are some of the most common disciplines for nurses:
letter of concern
license suspension
license revocation
• voluntary suspension
emergency suspension order
• civil penalty (a fine of up to $5,000)

The discipline is at the discretion of the Board, so it’s very important to have an attorney representing you who has strong experience with nursing license defense cases.

Most nurses are not aware of this fact, but the discipline proposed by the OSBN nurse investigator can be negotiated. And if, after negotiating, an agreement can’t be reached, you can then request a formal administrative hearing.

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