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Examples of Nursing Incompetence

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Everyone makes mistakes on the job, but for nurses, there can be dire consequences if the errors are serious enough to be considered “nursing incompetence,” or worse, “nursing gross negligence.”

Nursing incompetence can lead to a complaint being filed with the state nursing board, which may lead to disciplinary action, and possible suspension or revocation of your nursing license.

In general, nursing incompetence comes from a lack of skill, knowledge, and/or judgement.

Examples of nursing incompetence include the following:
• administering the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a medication
• performing a nursing task incorrectly or incompletely
• failing to ask for assistance or clarification
• incorrectly assessing a patient’s situation or condition
• being unfamiliar with medical equipment or nursing procedures
• providing care or treatment that should only be provided by an advanced practice nurse or a physician

If someone has alleged that you were incompetent and/or filed a complaint with the state board of nursing (OSBN in Oregon or NCQAC in Washington), contact us at, (503) 232-9280, or by e-mail moc.y1568715610enrot1568715610tases1568715610run@t1568715610catno1568715610c1568715610.

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