Texas BON Disciplinary Sanctions: Substance Use

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If you have had a complaint filed against you that relates to substance abuse, or if you’ve received a DUI or DWI, please contact us immediately.

It’s important that you protect your nursing license, because any disciplinary action against you could have profound, long-term effects on your career.

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) will investigate any complaints against nurses that are related to the following:

  • substance use
  • possession of illegal drugs
  • misuse or abuse of alcohol or drugs (prescribed or otherwise)
  • criminal records
  • mishandling controlled substances
  • lying and falsification
  • failure to document the administration of drugs in medical records

If the nursing board determines that your ability to practice according to nursing standards has been impacted because of a substance disorder, you may be required to undergo an evaluation.

In serious cases involving drug and alcohol use, the Texas BON could remove you from practice until it deems it’s safe for you to return and take care of patients. The nursing board often gives nurses the option of receiving treatment for substance abuse and/or entering a peer assistance program.

The disciplinary sanctions of the nursing board could include: random drug screens, proof of attendance at support group meetings, evaluations from present and past employers, and letters of recommendation.

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