Voluntary Surrender Of A Nursing License

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The state board of nursing can impose a variety of disciplinary sanctions, ranging from a reprimand or probation to a nursing license suspension or revocation.

Nursing License Suspension
If the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) suspends your nursing license, the board will specify a period of time during which you can not practice nursing.

Nursing License Revocation
If the OSBN revokes your nursing license, the board typically does this for an unspecified period.

Voluntary Surrender Of Nursing License
If you are facing a potential suspension or revocation of your nursing license or certificate, the best solution might be to voluntarily surrender your license.

If you voluntarily surrender your license, you are giving up the right to practice nursing in Oregon. Voluntary surrender of a license is considered a disciplinary action by the state board, is public information, and will be a permanent part of your record.

Voluntary surrender of a nursing license usually lasts 3 years.

In order to get your nursing license back, you’ll need to make a written request to the OSBN and provide written documentation of why you should be considered for reinstatement. The documentation requirements will vary, depending on the circumstances that led to the OSBN investigation and the steps you’ve taken after your license was surrendered.

If you’re facing a suspension or revocation or your license, and are considering a voluntary surrender instead, you absolutely need the help of a nurse’s attorney. A surrender sounds simpler than it is and can have a lasting impact on your nursing career and livelihood.

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