The Role Of The OSBN Nurse Investigator

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In Oregon, anyone can anonymously file a complaint against a nurse, for any reason. Once a complaint is filed, the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) opens an investigation.

It is the nursing board’s obligation to investigate every complaint filed – no matter how serious or frivolous – to determine if there were any violations of the Nurse Practice Act.

In a typical OSBN investigation, the investigator will gather and review documents, including the following:
• medical records
• personnel records
• witness statements
• incident reports
• police reports
• court records

After gathering this information, the OSBN investigator will then meet with you – by phone or in person. This is the point at which you have the chance to tell your side of the story and provide information about the allegations that were included in the complaint. The meeting is confidential, and no one except you and the OSBN investigator can be present – except that you’re allowed to have an attorney with you.

And having an attorney by your side who’s experienced in the nursing license defense process is a smart move! These OSBN investigations, which might seem simple at the onset, can quickly become complex.

Once the OSBN investigator has completed their investigation, all of the information is compiled in a confidential report that’s presented to the nursing board. There are nine members on the Oregon State Board of Nursing, all appointed by the governor.

Based on information provided by the OSBN investigator, the board determines whether you violated the Nurse Practice Act, and if so, what type of disciplinary action is appropriate in your individual case.

Disciplinary sanctions from the OSBN can range from a letter of reprimand to revocation of your nursing license.

If you are being investigated by the OSBN, call us. You have due process rights to:
• have an attorney present throughout the entire process
• negotiate terms of any stipulated agreement
• appeal a notice to the state board of nursing
• appeal the nursing board’s final order (except for stipulated agreements) to the Oregon Court of Appeals, and even the Oregon Supreme Court, if necessary

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