Examples Of Conditions Of Probation For Nurses

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Instead of revoking or suspending a nursing license, the OSBN might elect to put a nurse on probation for a minimum period of time, with conditions.

If you’re on probation with the OSBN, you’re required to check in with your probation monitor at least once a month, and you can’t look for or accept a new job without checking with your probation monitor.

Terms of probation vary widely, but these are examples of conditions the board of nursing may impose:
• restrictions on the type of setting you can work in
• restrictions on the type of work you can do
• requirement of letters from your employer concerning your job performance
• requirement of completion of continuing education
• requirement of increased supervision
• requirement of participation in a substance abuse monitoring program, (such as the HPSP) and/or toxicology testing

The terms of your probation are included in the stipulated agreement that you sign with the OSBN, and we can help you negotiate these terms.

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