What Is A Stipulated Agreement – OSBN

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According to the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN), approximately 98% of the cases that it reviews are resolved by a nurse signing a stipulated agreement.

Anyone can make an allegation against a nurse and file a complaint with the board of nursing, which sets into motion a full investigation.

If the OSBN finds grounds for disciplinary actions, it may attempt to negotiate a stipulated agreement with the nurse – and while it is helpful to have a lawyer by your side through the entire legal defense process, this is the time when you can really benefit from attorney representation.

In the stipulated agreement, you’ll be acknowledging:
• the facts of the incident
• violations of the OSBN’s rules for nursing practices
• violations of the law

You’ll also be accepting the disciplinary action that the nursing board proposes, including all terms and conditions (which can range from a reprimand to revocation of your nursing license).

Once you have signed your stipulated agreement, the results aren’t final…yet. The agreement still has to go before the nursing board for it’s consideration. If the board approves the stipulated agreement, a final order from the OSBN is issued, which is where the case ends. There is no further recourse for a final order.

If you can’t come to agreement with the OSBN, however, and you don’t feel comfortable signing a stipulated agreement, you have the legal right to reject it. In that case a “notice” will be sent to you and then you’ll have the right to a hearing. If you’re not satisfied with the board’s decision after the hearing, you can appeal the decision to the Oregon Court of Appeals – and even the Oregon Supreme Court.

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