Texas BON Disciplinary Sanctions: Fraud, Theft, Deception

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If you have been accused of fraud, theft, or deception – in the workplace or outside the workplace – it could impact your ability to practice nursing.

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) requires all licensed nurses to “possess good professional character.”

The BON considers all of the actions below to raise questions about a nurse’s professional character and fitness to practice nursing:

  • misappropriating property, money, medicine, or other possessions
  • fraudulent behavior towards patients, employers, governmental programs, Medicare/Medicaid, or private reimbursement programs
  • criminal behavior involving fraud, theft, or deception

The level of disciplinary actions that the Texas BON imposes on a nurse depends, in part, on:

  • the seriousness and nature of the offense
  • premeditation
  • remorse (or lack of remorse)
  • restitution
  • the risk that the nurse poses to patients and the public

Any complaints for fraud, theft, or deception that are investigated by the Texas Board of Nursing could result in: dismissal of the complaint, warning, fine, reprimand, probation, license suspension, or license revocation.

We can look into concerns regarding:

In certain circumstances, the Board of Nursing may allow a nurse to continue to practice under an “encumbered” license, with conditions or restrictions placed by the Board, for a specified period of time. A common restriction is that a nurse can’t practice in a home health or independent setting.

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