Texas BON Disciplinary Sanctions: Sexual Misconduct

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Sexual misconduct can have far-reaching implications for nurses who practice in Texas, potentially leading to a nursing license suspension or revocation.

The mission of the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) is to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

The BON applies disciplinary sanctions for licensed nurses who engage in sexual misconduct, and it also reviews sexual misconduct violations when looking at applications for licensure.

Sexual misconduct includes:

  • sexual misconduct towards patients or former patients in the workplace
  • sexual misconduct outside the workplace that could affect the ability to safely care for patients
  • sexual misconduct convictions

The Texas Board of Nursing considers patients to be especially vulnerable to sexual misconduct if they are:

  • children
  • elderly
  • mentally ill
  • sedated or anesthetized
  • disabled or immobilized
  • mentally or cognitively impaired

However, because nurses care for people who are ill or injured, all patients are considered to be vulnerable and dependent on the relationship. Because of this, it’s vital that appropriate boundaries are maintained at all times.

Even if the patient initiates the sexual contact, it can still be considered sexual misconduct.

If you have been accused of sexual misconduct or think that you might be accused, please contact us immediately. We help nurses defend their licenses, throughout the entire process. Even if you believe that you’re completely innocent, it can be helpful to have an attorney by your side, so that a small issue doesn’t turn into a big problem.

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