What Is A Notice

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The OSBN (Oregon State Board of Nursing) tries to resolve most of its complaints against nurses through a stipulated agreement – approximately 98% of cases are resolved this way.

But what if you can not come to terms with the board and you don’t feel comfortable agreeing to the facts of the incident and the disciplinary sanctions? You have the legal right to refuse to sign an agreement, which will, in turn, trigger a notice.

A notice from the OSBN is a document sent directly to you that essentially states the charges against you and the proposed disciplinary sanctions. The notice will include a time-frame within which you can request your hearing.

It’s important to note that the burden of requesting a hearing rests on you – no hearing is automatically set.

Once you have a hearing, if you don’t agree with the OSBN’s decision, you have the right to take your case to the Oregon Court of Appeals, and even the Oregon Supreme Court.

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