Health Professionals’ Services Program – Board Referral

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The Health Professionals’ Services Program, which began in 2010 in Oregon, is designed to help health professionals, including nurses, who have a substance use disorder and/or have a mental health disorder.

The program’s goals are twofold: protect the public safety, while supporting healthcare professionals so that they can continue to work in their chosen fields.

As a nurse, you can participate in the HPSP either through a self-referral or through a referral by the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN).

A referral from the OSBN may come about after a complaint has been filed and an investigation has been completed. The board referral to the HPSP program is typically part of a stipulated agreement you will sign with the OSBN.

Before you sign the stipulated agreement, however, you might want to consult with an experienced nurses attorney, because this agreement can significantly impact your future job and career opportunities.

Once you become part of the HPSP, you will be monitored on many levels, including:
•random toxicology testing
•fitness to practice evaluations
•mandatory weekly reporting
•nursing practice oversight by a medical review officer

Your participation in the HPSP program is confidential, only known to other people in your workplace who “need to know” as part of your monitoring plan.

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