Work Restrictions For Nurses On Probation – Substance Abuse

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The Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) recognizes that nurses who are on probation because of substance abuse problems benefit from returning to work – as long as they’re  closely supervised.

In most stipulated agreements that involve substance abuse (drugs or alcohol, DUI’s), the OSBN will require direct supervision, which is an attempt to support the nurse and protect the public.

If you agree to direct supervision in a stipulated agreement, you won’t be able to be self-employed or work in any of the following workplace settings:
• staffing agencies
• home health agencies
• home hospice agencies
• assisted living facilities
• residential care facilities
• foster care facilities
• night shifts (unless you’re working in an acute care setting)

In the majority of cases, as part of the terms of probation agreed to in a stipulated agreement, the OSBN will be required to approve your work setting. In considering whether to grant approval, they’ll take into consideration the severity of your illness, the level of your recovery, your job performance history, your compliance with other aspects of the agreement, and other factors.

On occasion, the nursing board approves limited overtime, but in general, the OSBN restricts nurses on probation to 40 hours per week or sometimes less.

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