Health Professionals’ Services Program

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Since 2010, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has had a Health Professional Services Program (HPSP) in place to monitor health care professionals, including nurses, who have a substance abuse disorder and/or a mental health disorder.

Oregon’s HPSP program is designed to help nurses continue their careers, while still protecting public safety. Along with the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN), the Board of Dentistry, Board of Pharmacy, and Oregon Medical Board also participate in the Health Professionals’ Services Program.

To participate in this monitoring program, you’ll need to be referred by the OSBN, or you can self-refer. If you’re referred by the OSBN, the HPSP will work with the nursing board to ensure that you’re monitored in accordance with the stipulated agreement you signed with the OSBN. If you decide to refer yourself to the Health Professional Services Program, the HPSP will work with you to design an individualized impaired provider monitoring agreement, and as long as you comply with the agreement, your enrollment will remain confidential.

This unique monitoring program for nurses with substance abuse or mental health issues provides both support and accountability. If you participate in the HPSP program, monitoring services include:
• oversight of your substance abuse and/or mental health treatment
• toxicology testing
• weekly reporting
• evaluations for fitness for nursing practice

In addition to monitoring nurses’ performance and compliance, the Health Professional Services program also provides information and education to support networks, treatment programs, and employers.

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Kevin Keaney is an attorney who helps nurses defend their license in Texas, as well as Oregon and Washington.